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Annamaria Naso Benedetta di Matteo Sofia Bertini Marina Cerfeda Minjuan Yao
Lumii: learn by playing with logical associations
  B8 (pav. 7) - A. Naso, B. di Matteo, S. Bertini, M. Cerfeda, Y. Minjuan

Istituto Massimiliano Massimo di Roma, gruppo Making Open: Claudio Becchetti, Fabrizio Olati, Paolo De Gregorio, Fausto Poletto, ...
Build, Try and See Space Technologies (rockets, robots, … ) designed by the students of the Massimo Institute of Rome

Alessio Morale and the LibrePilot team
Wanderer is a quadcopter made as a study platform for the integration of opensource softwares LibrePilot and ROS. The on board flight controller (OpenPilot Revo …
  R3 - Officine Robotiche
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