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3 home projects you’ll see at Maker Faire Rome 2021

From the “alarm clock bed” for those with hearing problems to the hybrid television decoder and the Camosca project, a special wheelchair that allows those with mobility problems to move around the house. What happens when makers set to work to really change the home? Here are some innovative projects for staying on top in the home. We’ve selected them for you from the Call for Makers, School and University. They are waiting for you at Maker Faire Rome 2021.


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A special decoder

Four business consultants from the company Maf, with the approaching dates of the Television Standards changeover, had the idea of developing a hybrid bundle combining the possibility of different functions. We are of course talking about decoders. A special one though. Because what you’re going to see at Maker Faire Rome 2021 is a hybrid decoder (SetTopBox) that provides a solution to the problem of the 2021 TV standards change, while also offering the possibility of streaming content via the internet, with additional functions for the safety of the elderly.

How it works. The authors of the project explain: “Starting from the needs of the change in television standards, we have developed Mafbox IntTV, a hybrid decoder which, in addition to allowing the viewing of Digital Terrestrial channels, also offers the possibility of using streaming content (Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube) via the Internet. Mafbox IntTV allows you to transform all types of TV sets (old and new generation) into SmartTVs.  Mafbox IntTV is designed to make it easy to use for all TVs: it has a unique remote control that also controls the functions of the device to which it is connected and therefore allows you to turn on, turn off and control the volume of the TV, using the Google-certified Android TV Operating System then you can access all the applications in the Play Store. In addition, Mafbox IntTV has a webcam with integrated microphone that allows you to make video calls with friends and family, to read QR codes (such as instructions, medical recipes, passwords) directly from the TV through a proprietary application developed by us, you can also take pictures and videos directly from the television.


Victor Monu, Michele Florio, Arcadie Caprita are the creators of the Somnium project, a bed designed for people with hearing difficulties. It is in fact a bed-wake. The idea – explains Victor Munu – came about when I met a young man with hearing difficulties at work. He was always late for work, but no one had wondered how this young man woke up in the morning. After a few weeks of getting to know him better, I asked him how he woke up. He told me that he used to take his mobile phone with the alarm clock set and tie it inside a sock on his hand, and that all the devices on the market were not effective, and that’s how I came up with the idea of the wake-up bed”. 


It’s called Camosca, an acronym that stands for Fully Automatic Movable Wheelchair on Stairs, and it’s the project created for Maker Faire Rome by Andrea Dogliotti, a mechanical engineer from Genoa. Specifically, it is a “standard” electric wheelchair redesigned with auxiliary stems and wheels to tackle steps and stairs, even steep ones. When the step is met, the wheels alternate with the auxiliary wheels. The 2 matched front pairs can be extended vertically towards the lower steps, the rear wheels, which are fixed, are combined with a mobile foot both horizontally and vertically. In addition, some ensembles measure the steps and the positions of the stems and wheels. 





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