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3D Aerospace, the project that allows patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) to explore the outside world

Innovative software allows patients with ALS to us eye-tracking to operate a remote device


This is a project that combines technology with assistance for those with disabilities. The concept proposed by the Sardinian startup 3D Aerospazio, is one that aims to give ALS patients the opportunity to see with their own eyes a very distant place, such as the Grand Canyon, the Seine and other wonders around the world. In what way? Thanks to the use of a drone that the patients themselves can remotely control, simply by looking at a computer screen.


(Photo: Wikimedia / TheSachuHopes)


Innovation is not so much about the drone as the software that can handle it remotely: thanks to “eye-tracking”, the patient will simply have to direct their gaze on a monitor, dwelling for a few seconds on the directional arrows visible on the screen.

The first test was carried out in Sardinia, where the young Paolo Palumbo (21 years old), who also has ALS, was able to “pilot with his eyes” a drone that was 62 miles away (100 km).



(Photo: Facebook / Paolo Palumbo – Finalmente Abili)


The project was created to give SLA patients the opportunity to create contact with the outside world. Antonio Depau, one of the startup’s partners, admits that he thought it would be great to allow a patient to travel with their eyes in a location on the other side of the world.