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Design. Create. Share. Make.


Make things your way with:Intuitive cloud-connected CAD modeling tools that the professionals use

  • Powerful parametric modeling with SOLIDWORKS CAD—installs locally
  • Fully online design solutions you can access from any web browser—no download required**
  • Associative NC programming and digital validation and fabrication with 3-axis milling and wire EDM support—installs locally
  • Online communities filled with makers from fab labs, makerspaces, influencers, and more from around the globe—all ready to connect and share their designs, ideas, and expertise

Support to help you get the most out of 3DEXPERIENCE® SOLIDWORKS for Makers

**For cloud apps only—not 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS


Here’s what you get to help you make cool stuff:

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Professional, the standard for professional CAD users (installs locally and requires Windows 10)

  • 3D Creator and 3D Sculptor, the next generation of design tools that are online, browser-based, and built for collaboration
  • NC Shop Floor Programmer, intelligent machining strategies for 3-axis milling and wire EDM in an easy to learn and use package (installs locally and requires Windows 10)
  • Visualize Connected, easily create photo-quality images, animations, interactive web content and more to impress friends and family (installs locally and requires Windows 10)
  • Access to an expanded professional ecosystem to rapidly prototype your parts or receive engineering services via the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace
  • No need to start from scratch—connect with other makers and customize shared models
  • Learn, Teach, and Get Support from the Maker CommunityConnecting with peers and building strong relationships is part of a maker’s DNA. Set up your

3DEXPERIENCE ID, get empowered, and share your work to collaborate with other makers around the world today! No matter what you use to make things, every single maker worldwide is welcome to join our communities—all for free.

 What People Are Saying About 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers

  1. SOLIDWORKS is my go-to for software when designing and creating, but as a maker the price tag has notoriously been way out of my price range. I’ve been begging SOLIDWORKS to make a version that is more affordable. And I am so excited to be telling you that, as a maker, SOLIDWORKS has answered our prayers!
  2. I am astonished that [ 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS] is being offered, along with xDesign and xShape, for about the same price as a streaming service! This makes me so excited because I can’t wait for people to take advantage of this offer and start following along with all the fun.

Questions? Here some answers.

 1- Who is eligible to purchase 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers is meant for personal projects and non-commercial use. Per our terms and conditions, you may sell items you make for a profit up to and not exceeding US$2,000 a year. If you are interested in building your business with SOLIDWORKS tools, check out our start up program  or our commercial offers.

  1.  How much does 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers cost?

A monthly subscription of 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers costs US$9.99 every month (excluding taxes). A yearly subscription costs US$99 per year (excluding taxes). Joining our communities and connecting with other makers is totally free!

  1. Is 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers available for users worldwide?

Currently this offer is available for purchase with a billing address within the following countries: Algeria, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. More countries will be added soon.

  1. What is a 3DEXPERIENCE ID? What do I use it for?

The 3DEXPERIENCE ID is your ticket into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, our home-grown maker communities, and 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers. You can create your account in less than a minute.

  1. Do I have to download or install anything when I purchase  3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers?

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS (SOLIDWORKS Connected) and NC Shop Floor Programmer require a download and installation onto your computer with Windows® 10 operating system. 3D Creator (xDesign) and 3D Sculptor (xShape) are completely online and do not require any installation on your computer. Please note, 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS (SOLIDWORKS Connected) cannot be installed on the same computer as Desktop SOLIDWORKS 2022.

More info ? Visit the web site HERE


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