The European Edition

11th EDITION 20 - 22 OCTOBER 2023


Startup without borders
The 4 th Edition of “Startups Without Borders” Summit to come back to Cairo on February 2023 The 4th edition...
credit: UK Black Tech via Unsplash
The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies has released an interesting Whitepaper on the concept of the metaverse The paper explores...
LEGO BASE  Rome, October 2018 - Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 4.0.  Maker Faire Rome is the European edition of Maker Faire. It’s organized by InnovaCamera, a Special Agency of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, whose mission is to place the city of Rome at the centre of the debate on innovation, by spreading the digital culture, and developing the individual and collective entrepreneurship that is so integral to the Maker movement’s genetic makeup. Maker Faire Rome combines science, science fiction, technology, entertainment and business to create something totally new. 
Roma, ottobre 2018 - Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 4.0. Organizzato dalla Camera di Commercio di Roma, attraverso la sua Azienda speciale Innova Camera, Maker Faire Rome punta a mettere la città di Roma al centro del dibattito sull’innovazione. È un evento che unisce scienza, fantascienza, tecnologia, divertimento e business dando vita a qualcosa di completamente nuovo. È anche una fiera, in cui business, istruzione e commercio destinato al consumo si mescolano e creano qualcosa di completamente nuovo.
University students and professors protagonists at MFR Initiatives to enhance university-based inventions, creative uses of 3D printing, drones, immersive work-oriented...
credit: NASA / BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group
One step closer to the first-ever construction on the Moon NASA is further developing a lunar surface construction system that...

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