Eleventh edition


20 - 22 OCTOBER 2023 - Fiera di roma


Maker Faire Rome is an event that facilitates and talks about technological innovation in a simple and accessible way, connecting businesses, Academia , people and ideas. It is a trade fair where industry experts, makers  and innovators meet to share their projects with the general public

Calls are open!

At Maker Faire Rome we have always been looking for those who are able to show us the future around the corner, what we still don't know we need today, and who know how to present it to everyone in a simple and effective way. The calls are an opportunity to present your innovative projects. You can have an exhibition space to present a project, make a presentation to the public or give a performance.

Are you a maker, an inventor or a digital craftsman? Submit your proposal, if selected you will enjoy a free booth

Bring your school projects
to Maker Faire Rome,
if selected we will give you a free space

Also this year Maker Faire Rome
turns the spotlight on excellence in technology and innovation

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Submit the Call for Makers! Selected Arduino-based projects will be featured in the Arduino Village with Massimo Banzi.
Don't let this amazing experience slip away!
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credit: Mark Paton via Unsplash
Health Features Could Be in AirPods’ Future Apple may be considering expanding the repertoire of its popular AirPods line beyond...
photo: Yaol Desurmont via Unplash
ANCIENT ROMANS WERE MAKERS, TOO. HERE COMES 12 OF the best Roman Empire inventions Even now, Ancient Romans development continue...
credit: Nevon Projects
Smart shopping trolley for an enhanced shopping experience Electronics is here to help us shopping happily, too, thanks to this...
Nauticus Robotics, a developer of autonomous robots using artificial intelligence (AI) for data collection and intervention services for the ocean...
credit: Johnny Brown via Unsplash
Making nearly any water drinkable with aN Open Source Device An Open Source Hardware collective of engineers & designers has...
Bioinspired technology
Robotics continues to make giant strides Robots are becoming increasingly specialized and advanced. Bioinspired robots are quite a thing.  ...
courtesy of Digi-Key
Digi-Key premiers Supply Chain Transformed, Season 2 Digi-Key is launching Series 2 of a video sequence entitled ‘Supply Chain Transformed’...
credit: XR Expo
Exciting news from the world of AI and VR! Hand tracking for immersive reality is stepping far forward thanks to...
Be My Eyes Virtual Volunteer
Be My Eyes uses GPT-4 to transform visual accessibility Be My Eyes announces new tool powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 to...
The electric revolution seems to be closer thanks to Fabrizio Martini, founder of Electra Vehicles, a US - based Company that combines data, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
Semiconduttori . Fonte immagine: fastweb.it
Artificial Intelligence and Semiconductors: is the risk of a technological cold war between China and United States real beacuse of the last "decoupling"?
Cdp Venture
Cdp Venture Capital: the goal is to accelerate 200 startups per year. A widespread factory for innovation in Italy.  ...
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Maker Faire Rome 2022


happened to Maker Faire Rome


For me, Maker Faire Rome is innovation and experimentation
Alex Braga, artist and producer
A unique opportunity to bring together this country's best energies in advanced technologies, research, industry, and young enthusiasts
Antonio Bicchi, University of Pisa and I-RIM curator at Maker Faire Rome
For me, Maker Faire is flying with your feet on the ground
Paolo Mirabelli, curator of the drone area
Maker Faire is a beautiful bridge between the scientific and technological knowledge generated within the universities and all the innovation generated outside the universities, which together suggest solutions for a happy and sustainable future
Alex Giordano, professor at the Federico II University and President of Rural Hub
A great network of opportunities where you can share your creative adventures and be infected by other peoples' Great!
Paolo Isabettini, architect and maker
"Maker Faire Rome for me is innovative and creative. Congratulations!"
Sherry Huss, Innovator in Residence
"Maker Faire Rome is the most exciting and the biggest fair in the World"
Hiroshi Momose, Hokkaido University
I have participated in Maker Faire Rome since the first edition in various capacities, as an exhibitor, as a speaker, organising workshops For me, it always remains a very important event; an event made up of encounters, comparisons, and an event where it is possible to show our country's excellence to the general public
Federica Pascucci, researcher in the Engineering Department of Roma Tre University
Maker Faire Rome is the first occasion where the project was exhibited, and now this project is an innovative startup
Ely Rozenberg, Caffè con vista
"For me Maker Faire Rome is one of the most interesting fairs in the World where tradition, popular knowledge, invention, technology are blended together in a huge display of joy. That’s it for me!"
Cesar Garcia Saez, La Hora Maker
Fabulous, the best adjective to describe this three-year experience with Maker Faire Rome. Bringing technology closer to the general public through prototypes and research and makers
Bruno Siciliano, professor at the Federico I University of Naples and robotics area curator at Maker Faire Rome
For us, Maker Faire is vision, the ability to always overcome one's limits
Mattia Voltaggio - Eni
For us, Maker Faire is a meeting between those who have the technology and those who have the ideas and that's where innovation is born
Gabriele Braga – Arrow Electronics
For us, Maker Faire is innovation serving people
Filippo Cipriani – Sanofi

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Maker Faire Rome is the official European edition of the American format "Maker Faire".
It is also the only exhibition - outside the USA - that can boast the title of Global Maker Faire.

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