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A portable burglar alarm that lets you travel in peace

From Italy, an alarm device that sends remote alerts if doors and windows are opened


For many people, going on vacation and leaving their house empty and exposed to possible theft for several days, always generates a bit of worry and apprehension. Not being able to personally control the environments dear to our privacy and in which we store our valuables creates considerable anxiety.


This is why burglar alarms exist, but they may not always be sufficient or function very well. However, today’s technology combined with the ingenuity of so many clever minds seeking increasingly innovative solutions in many fields, allows us to go beyond the elements, devices, and concepts that are now considered “traditional”, and to rethink them in a more intelligent way. And, this special burglar alarm created by two designers from Artena, in the province of Rome (Italy) is an excellent example.


L’antifurto portatile per chi viaggia di Odoardo Savo e Stefano Palone
The portable burglar alarm for travelers from makers Odoardo Savo and Stefano Palone


It is a portable burglar alarm, powered by rechargeable batteries, which produces an acoustic alarm whenever a door or window is opened in a house or an apartment. The idea is owed to Odoardo Savo and Stefano Palone, two enthusiasts who have made electronics much more than just a passion.

This portable anti-theft device for travelers is, therefore, a great way to protect homes, apartments or other environments through a device that can alert us in case of theft when we are not at home. Certainly, the hope is that this will never happen, but with a burglar alarm like the one created by these two Artena technicians, we can leave home feeling a lot less worried!


foto: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

This project, as well as many other new devices and discoveries in the field of electronics, will be present at the Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition 2019, the world-famous innovative technology fair that will take place from 18 to 20 October at the Fiera di Rome.