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Timely intervention is a fundamental aspect of safety. this smart safety helmet detectS anomalies and immediately launch an alarm.

Occupational accidents are a problem that still affects many countries around the world at different levels. Safety regulations and personal protective equipment (PPE) have undergone many improvements, but with the help of new technology, it is possible to do even more.

Oscar di Manno and Peppe Mathew, two students at the scientific high school, ITT Pacinotti di Fondi (Latina) are also convinced of this. Consequently, they decided to dust off and perfect an old project born in the same institute in 2018.

Specifically, their Smart Safety Helmet IoT, a safety helmet designed to improve the safety standards of construction workers, but also to protect motorcyclists or children.

Worker on a construction site (photo: Pexels)
Worker on a construction site (photo: Pexels)

By analyzing the annual data concerning occupational or work accidents, in particular, those involving construction workers, the creators of this smart safety helmet were able to understand the extreme importance of timeliness.

Let’s imagine, for example, a worker is involved in an accident in a remote corner of a construction site and is unable to sound the alarm – he could remain in that condition for several hours! 

Moreover, if in addition to that time, we add the time necessary for the arrival of emergency responders, we can understand the risk to which the worker is exposed. Consequently, the main objective of the Smart Safety Helmet IoT is that of immediately signaling an anomaly in a worker’s job performance.


Smart Safety Helmet IoT
Smart Safety Helmet IoT

In fact, the accelerometer integrated inside the dome of the safety helmet is able to detect any sudden movement, such as a fall.  Or, on the contrary, it can also detect a state of prolonged immobility, which can indicate a loss of consciousness, such as fainting. 

In the event of an accident, an alert is sent to the alarm monitoring hub, indicating the exact position of the casualty with latitude, longitude, and elevation, as well as some other data such as humidity, heart rate, and skin temperature. The Smart Safety Helmet IoT is also equipped with an emergency button, which the construction worker can press if he needs urgent help.


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