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Inspired by origami, this is the mouse of the future

Do you think there’s little innovation to mice? Think again: this ultra-portable mouse can fit flat against your laptop at a height of just six credit cards


The Air.0 is a lightweight fold-flat mouse that you can take anywhere, charge on-the-go, and keep alongside your laptop or tablet with a thickness of just six credit cards. The mouse in an array of colors and weights less than 50g.

Ordinary mice come with their share of problems

Too often we see people juggling their laptop, their documents, their cup of coffee, and other things, only to fumble and drop their mouse as they move from one location to another. Or having an unsightly bulge protruding from their pockets or bags when trying to bring their mouse along with them as they travel.

credits: Air.0

Air.0 is a new way of thinking on the design of the mouse. The origami design concept is where the magic happens. It provides a slim, portable, yet sturdy solution while ergonomically fits in everyone’s hands for their daily mobile usage needs.

Concept & design

Air.0 is a new way of thinking on a computer mouse. The concept was created by designer Horace Lam. He is a product designer, an inventor, international design award winner, a computer and gadget user. He is passionate about using new designs to change how we live and interact with our environment and is determined to bring his passion to life through innovative space-saving everyday devices and products.

As with many people, the mouse is one of the essential tools that Horace uses every day for work.  Yet he found that bringing his mouse along with him as he travels was quite a hassle, even though he had tried quite a few transforming travel mouse in the market.  It was hard to juggle the mouse on his laptop while holding other things in his hands while he moves around the office, plus it’s bulky and unsightly when he puts it into his computer bag to travel out.

Amidst his frustration, he thought “I can’t be the only person who has an issue with this.  Why hasn’t anyone come up with a solution for this?”.  Turning his annoyance into the driving force for a new and better design, Horace got to work.  As he ponders on the issue, an idea came to him while he was playing with origami one day. He thought “how about making a mouse with origami techniques?”

Looking at the design of the ordinary computer mouse and thinking deeper into the problem, it was apparent that the general design of the mouse hasn’t been changed for decades.  It was still very much skew towards stationary use, as it was back in the day, and not designed for today’s mobile way of work and life. 

Inspired by origami

So the ability to turn a thin and flat material into a sturdy 3D mouse and back flat again, like in origami, would be the perfect solution for people’s mobile working and living style today.  And that’s how he got started.

With the origami concept and dozens of designs and prototypes, Horace had re-imagining and re-designing the features from the ground up, eliminating any needless space to make it as thin as possible while maintaining the sturdiness and useability of the mouse.  After months of hard work, Horace has finally optimized his design and reinvented the computer mouse.

Full size without the bulkiness

credits: Air.0

As mobile work is becoming more mainstream, everyone has the right to work and play anywhere with the comfort of using a full-size mouse, but without the bulkiness that you have to stuff into your bag or pocket. Slim and completely flat. No bulging pockets!

Just fold and click to activate

Snaps to activate in less than 0.5 seconds. 

Ergonomic design fully fits your hands

Have you ever thought about why your wrist cramps up after prolonged computer mouse use? Air.0 provides a natural hand position that could minimize muscle fatigue from long hours of use.

credits: Techgoing

Lightweight and ultra-thin

Air.0 weighed only 40 grams and 4.5mm thin*

Made to be sturdy

The origami concept enabling the strong triangular structure to make Air.0 sturdy. It has went through rigorous drop test to ensure its durability and won’t break into pieces. 

A variety of colours

Air.0 is stylish!  It’s a new form factor that slips and fits nicely into any bag or pocket. It’s super lightweight but solid and sturdy enough to take a beating, and all of it it’s available in a variety of colours.

Rechargable battery

It can be easily charged using a USB-C cable, no need to change batteries. With one charge, Air.0 can last for up to 3 months! With just 1 minute of charging, you get 3 hours of use – you can charge your mouse while you have a coffee break, and you’re ready for a whole day of work!


The outer layer of Air.0 is made with vegan leather which able to maintain its integrity even after extensive folding.

Bluetooth connectivity

Easy to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled computer and tablet on major operating systems.

credits: Air.0

Smooth movement and precise control

The gliders at the bottom enable greater fluidity and precise control.  Also, with minimal area of friction, Air.0 can glide across different surfaces quietly for more discrete operation.

Silent button

Air.0 uses the silence buttons. It is ideal to use it in library, bedroom, office, classroom and any places requires quietness.

Now campaigning on Kickstarter

Air.0 is now on Kickstarter > 

sources: Mashable I Kickstarter

cover image: Air.0


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