Sara Krugman, the American maker and designer, presented her device to help those with type 1 diabetes at Maker Faire Rome 2019


Maker Faire is a huge container of new ideas, inventions, and technology useful for everyday life. And this year, like every year, that is exactly what the Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition represents. Now in 2019 – with its seventh edition – the largest European event dedicated to innovation has once again shown everyone, the most interesting proposals and projects presented by the most enterprising makers currently in circulation.


Moreover, each of them, in the perfect spirit of the Maker Faire, was able to ask themselves the right questions and provide the most original answers. Just like Sara Krugman, an American designer specialized in healthcare design. With her team of researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs, Krugman brought to the Maker Faire, her personal work experience in the field of technology that is useful for clinical monitoring and human health.


Photo Sara Krugman



In particular, with her experience of over 10 years in the health field, this maker has developed new, innovative technologies that can give concrete daily help to those suffering from type 1 diabetes. This pathology affects the pancreas and does not allow it to produce the insulin that is needed to transport glucose into the blood.


An open-source artificial pancreas is the invention that in particular distinguishes Sara Krugman’s work, which she presented during the Maker Faire Rome 2019 Opening Conference. This small portable device, through a computer and a specific app, keeps track of glucose and insulin levels in the blood. Thus, it can help maintain the correct balance between them and solve many of the problems that people with diabetes have to face every day to keep themselves in optimal physical condition.



The open-source artificial pancreas explained in a graphic (photo:


It is precisely inventions like these that increase confidence in the enormous possibilities offered by technological progress and development. A progression that is increasingly useful to our daily needs, made up of ideas and innovations that are put in the service of health, the environment, and well-being.

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