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At Maker Faire Rome 2021 the game is on: 5 incredible projects

Maker Faire Rome 2021, the event dedicated to inventors, technology and innovation, returns to the capital from 8 to 10 October at the Gazometro. Makers, robots, entrepreneurs, musicians, researchers, innovators and artists will meet again, among the most disruptive technologies and a powerful incubator of new ideas and applications. Without forgetting technology and electronics at the service of entertainment. Here are just a few examples of the games featured at MFR2021.

Speed War Game

Speed War Game is a challenge between two players at opposite ends of an LED bar trying to drag a light segment. This is Speed War Game, an electronic game that falls within the context of games played between players vis-a-vis each other. It is a challenge between two players to prove who has the fastest reflexes. The game consists of an LED bar where a light signal moves and two large buttons. The signal moves to the player who presses the button the fastest. The winner is whoever manages to move the signal all the way to their side. To immortalise the winner’s jubilation there is a “camera” that takes a picture of him at the moment of victory. The curators of the project are Mario D’Ettorre, Armando Altieri, Roberto Seghini, Mariarosaria Emanuele and Alessandro Morello: they define themselves as “a heterogeneous team of friends interested in the world of digital fabrication”.


Mario D’Ettorre, Armando Altieri, Roberto Seghini, Mariarosaria Emanuele and Alessandro Morello are bringing another project to Maker Faire Rome 2021. It is called Led – Hockey-Game – LIMP, a game similar to “air hockey”, in which the playing field is horizontal and the players are on opposite sides. The playing field is made up of RGB leds that are illuminated to simulate a moving puck. It is transportable by rolling it up and inserting it into a plastic tube. Interaction with the game is via the players’ smartphones connected via Bluetooth, using data from internal sensors. The game can be multiplayer. 

NANO Remotino

Do you also find it complicated to control your model railway, having to stay at the console to control the various train actions, instead of being able to move around it? Luciano Pautasso, electronic maintenance at Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana, electronic designer for Ferrari and Marelli Autronica, electronic designer at Hexagon Metrology, and Arduino Maker, has found the solution. Luciano will bring to Maker Faire Rome his Remotino NANO, a system in which Arduino facilitates the control of a railway model using an infrared remote control. The main possible actions are to decide the direction and speed of the train on the main line and to control four switches to decide which circuit the model train should go through.

Matematica Superpiatta

A real videogame to learn Math by playing. It is suitable for kids (8-12) and their innovative teachers.


Bodynodes is a project based on wireless sensors capable of tracking body movement. The information can be used for different kinds of applications. The most typical one is to control the character of a virtual reality game. The project is managed by Manuel Bottini, a graduate of the Polytechnic of Turin as Electronic Engineer. 



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