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Backpack or cradle? Egg-o is both and also eco-sustainable

This is a social impact design product created thinking about the daily difficulties of millions of mothers who are also refugees



Have you ever thought of a cradle that turns into a backpack or a baby carrier in which a small child can be transported easily and safely? If the answer is negative, know that there are others who have thought about this and have created a unique social impact design product, with great potential.

Its simplicity of form and assembly, which can be combined in many different possibilities and functions, are the strengths of Egg-o, an eco-sustainable product as special as it is useful, which can meet the needs of both mothers and children.


Egg-o, lo speciale zaino-culla pensato anche per le mamme rifugiate (foto: Egg-o)
Egg-o, the special backpack-cradle designed also for refugee mothers (photo: Egg-o)


This is a special backpack-cradle that is the only one on the market that is fully equipped to perform this dual function. Its structure, built with eco-sustainable materials in linen or bamboo fiber, makes it biodegradable, elastic, and breathable. Egg-o, in fact, is able to adapt perfectly to both the body of small children and that of mothers. The purpose? To make transporting small children simple and not harmful to their mothers’ back and posture, especially in the case of long journeys that require a lot of walking.

In fact, the necessity and usefulness of Egg-o, was also created thinking, above all, about the needs and problems facing millions of refugees worldwide every day. Those who have to quickly flee from dangerous situations, unfortunately, have no means of bringing their small children with them in a comfortable way. Egg-o, in this regard, can provide a fundamental aid to all those mothers who find themselves in this predicament.

As a social impact design product, Egg-o is assembled by refugees looking for work. Then, the families with children who purchase it automatically finance a free donation of a backpack-cradle to those who need it in contexts of war or a humanitarian emergency.


Egg-o (foto: Daniele Volante/YouTube)
Egg-o (photo: Daniele Volante/YouTube)


Egg-o is a social impact design idea developed and realized by Daniele Volante, an Italian architect from Cassino, in the Province of Frosinone, who is part of the Crisalide Design Space, an architectural firm that creates and develops social and ecological impact design projects.

This project Egg-o, along with other inventions and accessories centered on environmental sustainability and practicality, will be present at the Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition 2019, the world-famous innovative technology fair that will take place from 18 to 20 October at Fiera di Roma.