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Bees are man’s best friend but their existence is under threat. Fortunately Italian agri-tech startup BEEing aims to protect these magnificent creatures with a truly innovative initiative


The innovative startup aiming to protect the bees: here’s BEEing!

The expression “man’s best friend” seems a strange way to describe bees considering the fact they sting and their reputation for ruining picnics. But considering most of our food depends on their activity it seems like an appropriate thing to say. If you look at the plate of food on your dinner table, bees have played their part by either pollinating the many vegetables and fruits we eat directly, or pollinating the food for the animals that we then consume: from apples to oil, from meat products to wine. No wonder BEEing is striving to protect these magnificent creatures.

The scary reality is that the mass extinction of bees and the continuous disappearance of hives in recent years are seriously threatening the future of the human race. Diseases, pesticides and hive theft are diminishing the bee population. To be a beekeeper, you need a deep knowledge of bees and their world and fortunately the people behind BEEing are experts on both. They combine this knowledge with their skills in technology to design innovative products that help simplify the work of professional beekeepers.

B-secure, is the first product designed by BEEing and is a digital device equipped with sensors that track the movements within the hive. This tool allows beekeepers to locate the beehives in case of theft or natural disaster through GPS. In addition, the system does not emit electromagnetic waves so there is no disturbance to the bees or their communication.


BEEing has develope B-Secure a digital device equipped with sensors that track the movements within the hive

B-hive is an imitation bee hive with a focused on sustainability. It manages to replicate the natural habitat of the bees thanks to the external cork coating that separates the hives from the honeycombs where the honey is deposited. It allows the beekeepers to collect the honey without affecting the natural activities of the ‘tenants’. B-hive is a great example of urban farming, this project offers the possibility of producing honey at home. In addition it has a monitor that tracks the entire life cycle of the swarm via an app.

B-noise, is BEEings latest project. Like all living things, bees communicate with each other by emitting sounds and vibrations; B-noise is able to hear and translate their language by alerting the beekeeper of potential swarm disease or death of the queen bee. Once they have completed their research the product will be on the market to facilitate the lives of beekeepers and anyone who wants to enter the world of one of the most important creatures on our planet!

Without bees there is no life!


BEEing is strongly focused on sustainability: B-hive is one of the top products which manages to replicate the natural habitat of the bees