Call for stories

Call for Stories

Maker Faire Rome turns ten in 2022 and in recent years we have shared a common project: show and tell the innovation.

For many, Maker Faire Rome was a launching pad, an opportunity to make themselves known, to make new friends and collaborations, an exchange of ideas, a source of inspiration.

And for you, what did Maker Faire Rome mean?

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Maker Faire Rome we want to tell the stories of those who – as you – have walked on the red and blue carpet of Maker Faire Rome at least once.

Would you like to come back “home” as a protagonist at Maker Faire Rome and tell the audience your story and inspire a new generation of makers?

If so, apply for our Call for Stories, let us know about your experience at Maker Faire Rome; how your project has changed over the years and what your personal evolution has been.

Share what you have learned and help us create new opportunities.

You can participate even if you have already submitted a project to one of the three calls that closed on 11th of July you just have to match the following requirements:

  • You have already participated in one of the nine previous editions of Maker Faire Rome
  • You would like to inform us about the impact that your project has had and what your revolution has been
  • You feel part of the Maker world

What do you think about it? Let’s celebrate this birthday together! It’s yours too!

To participate at the call for Anniversary, fill out the form by midnight on August 10th, 2022.

We are waiting for you!