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  • April 28, 2020
    Meet Violet, the Irish innovative robot clinically proven to be effective on COVID-19 virus.Robots Combating COVID-19: An Irish Startups ...
    April 28, 2020
    Quarantined kids: here's how Apple commits to engage them for a full month! Apple Releases Creativity Worksheet
    April 22, 2020
    Maker Faire Rome 2020 is the place to be next winter.Mark it on your agenda On site? Online? We can't tell you yet. Surely though, it will be "onlife".MAKER FAIRE ROME IS BACK ON DECEMBER!
    April 19, 2020
    Lyrids are coming this week! On April 21st look at the sky and discover the amazing matheor shower!LYRID METEOR SHOWER 2020 PEAKS THIS WEEK!
    April 17, 2020
    Companies are coming together to minimize the impact on public health of Covid-19Corporates join hands in fight against Covid-...
    April 15, 2020
    The currents lockdown is changing many habits and people are discovering - or reconsidering - products that are now increasing their distribution, by becoming much more interesting and valued. Products suddenly interesting during a lockdo...
    April 13, 2020
    A master class in lighting for your next video conference   As told to Maureen Dowd – llustrations by Tracy Ma for the New York Times   Smart working, we know, […]HOW TO LOOK GOOD ON VIDEOCALL, ACCORDING TO T...
    April 10, 2020
    International companies are using their logos to promote social distancing, encouraging people to stay within their homes to slow the spread of Covid-19.How companies are promoting social distancing
    April 7, 2020
    Foster + Partners designs reusable open-source face shield source: Dezeen Masks have now been distributed to health workers in London to test and the studio is exploring how to get […]From architecture to cure: archistars devote ...
    March 26, 2020
    An open source protective suit now available. The first medically reviewed open source gown design by Open Source  The Open Source Medical Supplies medical team, headed by Guy Cavalcanti, has [&helli...OPEN SOURCE PROTECTIVE SUIT TECH PACK & ...