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  • September 13, 2023
    Mystery Box Workshop: Delve into Particle Physics at Maker Faire Rome 2023 Mystery Box Workshop is a fun and intriguing way to learn physics: join it at Maker Faire Rome, […]Mystery Box Workshop: Delve into Particle Phy...
    August 17, 2023
    Harnessing Technology for miners Safety and Productivity, with Arduino An innovative Arduino-powered helmet preserves miners lives and improve work conditions   Arduino is the solution to many is...Keeping Miners Safe With Arduino
    August 1, 2023
    TERRAVIONICS, the innovative startup conceived during the lockdown, gets ready for Maker Faire Rome 2023. Terravionics, the innovative startup conceive...
    July 9, 2023
    Smart watches could predict higher risk of heart failure A recent research proved that smart watches are highly effective in predicting heart failure risks. In fact, even more effective that […...Smart watches could predict higher risk of he...
    July 3, 2023
    a VR suit could help you ‘feel’ things in the metaverse The full-body suit can be moved by electric signals sent to it, or it can relay them to record […]“Feel the metaverse” with this VR...
    May 20, 2023
    Health Features Could Be in AirPods’ Future Apple may be considering expanding the repertoire of its popular AirPods line beyond entertainment and into the realm of health   Speculation about [...Health Features Could Be in AirPods’ Future
    May 12, 2023
    ANCIENT ROMANS WERE MAKERS, TOO. HERE COMES 12 OF the best Roman Empire inventions Even now, Ancient Romans development continue to touch our lives and contribute to the world   […]12 inventions to thank Ancient Romans for
    May 12, 2023
    Smart shopping trolley for an enhanced shopping experience Electronics is here to help us shopping happily, too, thanks to this smart shopping trolley that personalize the shopping experience   S...Smart Shopping Trolley that Follows Customer
    May 4, 2023
    Making nearly any water drinkable with aN Open Source Device An Open Source Hardware collective of engineers & designers has come up with a solution globally designed, locally produced, for [&hell...Drinking sea water? Yes, thanks to this open ...
    April 12, 2023
    Robotics continues to make giant strides Robots are becoming increasingly specialized and advanced. Bioinspired robots are quite a thing.   The rise of robotics and robots in automation has led [...Robotics technology: bioinspired robots and o...