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a new desk bike charges your gadgets while you work(out)

“Ampera” is the desk bike that allow you to stay fit and make the most of your physical effort, as it will also charge your electronic devices and gadgets


Ampera was created in response to the rapidly evolving workspaces. As the boundaries between home and office become increasingly blurred each day, it is believed the tools involved, should too, be adaptive and dynamic.

As hybrid work becomes the norm, most professionals still find themselves at a desk with little to no physical activity throughout the day.The LifeSpan Ampera Bike allows workers to accomplish the same tasks moving as they did sitting still, while enjoying the physical and mental benefits of staying active.

That is where Ampera comes in—a revolutionary desk bike designed to seamlessly integrate work and wellness. The goal is to enable people to harness the benefits of remote workspace while effortlessly boosting productivity and enhancing fitness.

Ampera technical features

The bike itself looks sort of like a barstool with pedals, small and unobtrusive enough for a home office. Ampera is designed to seamlessly blend into the surroundings with a warm, furniture-like aesthetic. With its soft and rounded silhouette, it is at home in any environment, matching and enhancing the aura of its vicinity.

Under the hood, this workhorse of a desk bike is designed to boost productivity and improve fitness levels while fast charging your electronic devices. 

The main structure is fashioned from 30% recycled materials and sits atop a 25.35-in-long (640-mm-long) tubular aluminum base frame for stability. A fabric-covered padded seat is reckoned good for “all-day comfort” and the height is adjustable to accommodate users between 5 and 6.4 ft (1.52 – 1.95 m). Repositioning the 68-lb (30.8-kg) desk bike is also made easier with the inclusion of a handle and trolley wheels.

The Ampera employs a super-quiet belt-drive system for minimal noise distractions, and essentially harnesses kinetic energy from pedaling and converts it into usable power for your gadgetry, with the producer company reporting that pumping away at 60 rpm could result in “up to 65 watts per hour at any given resistance level.”

There’s a 65-W USB-C charging port at the bottom rear plus a 15-W Qi-compliant wireless charging pad in a smartphone-sized bay to the front.

credit. Lifespan

0-50% in 30 Minutes

Ampera’s regenerative pedals are finely tuned to generate power with great efficiency. At a casual speed of 60 rpm, the bike is capable of producing up to 65 watts per hour at any given resistance level. With the support of PD fast charging, users can fully charge their smartphones and laptops in no time.

Wireless Charging Pad

Ampera incorporates a 15W wireless charger underneath the seat, enabling users to charge up to two devices simultaneously. Just place your smartphone or AirPods on the charger and let your legs do the work.
N.B. The wireless charger is Qi-compliant. Non-Apple devices can achieve an optimal output of 15W, while Apple devices have a max output of 7.5W.

Lighten up

A RGB ring light at the pedals can shine one of 12 colors selected through a companion app over Bluetooth 5 as the user pumps away. And that iOS/Android app is also a gateway to fitness stats such as cadence, speed, distance, estimated calories burned, and power generated.

The Ampera app

LifeSpan has also released an app to manage all of the brand’s devices. The LifeSpan Fit app connects with all LifeSpan products using Bluetooth, tracks users’ fitness data and synchronizes with Apple Health and Google Fit. Special app features for the Ampera Bike include adjusting pedal resistance, displaying energy produced, adjusting LED mood lighting on the base and tracking calories and distance. The app is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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cover image: Lifespan 

author: Barbara Marcotulli


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