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circular economy at MAKER FAIRE ROME 2018! 

The circular economy is an economic system which aims to reuse the materials in subsequent production cycles,therefore reducing waste to a minimum.

According to the definition given by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, there are two types of materials whose flow might recall what aimed for by the circular economy:

  • organic materials, which can be reintegrated in the biosphere,
  • technical materials, to be revalorised (reused, recycled, etc.).

In fact, thinking of the economy as “circular” is a new way of thinking about it, and a dramatically new way of imagining equitable, low impact, virtuous products and production processes that carry with them high social and cultural value.

It is with such inspiration in mind that Maker Faire Rome 2018 will feature a Bioeconomy Village, in the aim of increasing awareness and providing correct information to the largerst possible audience on those topics.

At Maker Faire Rome 2018, selected innovators, makers, startup and enterpreneurs, universities & research labs will then:

  • display topic-related products and applications 
  • organize workshop and education labs
  • throw games and quizzes
  • animate debates and meet up youngsters and adults

Circular Economy


An exhibiting, interactive area, arranged per topics, such as 

  1. Informative and educational area and workshop
  2. Gaming and video area
  3. Cleanliness and personal hygiene and health cosmetics, biomedicine
  4. Textile products, clothing and sports, toys
  5. Packaging for food, disposable products for catering and events
  6. Biofuels and bioenergy
  7. Environmental bioremediation and biological sensors
  8. Construction, building and restoration; paintings, decorations and furniture
  9. Agriculture, food and nutrition
  10. The sea (as a resource to be protected and valorised)

will be waiting for the Maker Faire Rome’s visitors and partners. The Area will also offer the occasione to get to know in greater details some dedicated “circular economy” projects financed by the European Commission, such as BIOWAYS, BIOVOICES, STAR-ProBio


Are you a “circular economy” activist? An innovator longing to show the world its invention? If you believe in an healthier, cleaner, sustainable world and want to make a difference, please consider submitting your project.

Read here how to participate.  Beware: deadline is July 7!