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DomoticaCRINI, a domotics system that makes every home “smart”

You will not need to make any changes to sockets or your home electrical system to have more useful and energy-efficient technologies in your house


This device takes its name from its inventor, Leonardo Crini and is a system that can transform any home electrical system into a “’home automation”’ system that is practical and simple. In fact, Leonardo Crini is the maker who will present DomoticaCRINI at the Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition 2019, the world-famous innovative technology fair that will take place from 18 to 20 October at Fiera di Roma.


Un display touch del sistema DomoticaCRINI
A touch display of the DomoticaCRINI system


Without a doubt, home automation technologies are now a reality that is increasingly present and widespread in many homes. Often, however, it is not easy to “transform” one’s home equipped with traditional automation systems into a “smart” home. Crini, a fourth-year student at ITIS Galilei in Arezzo (Italy) and passionate about DIY, has decided to make his own contribution to this field.


foto: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay


The DomoticaCRINI system interfaces with smart lamps and smart sockets, and allows you to control devices such as wireless sensors. The sockets and lights, however, do not need to be replaced with others equipped with Wi-Fi because you can simply use the ones already in your house.

Besides the activation and deactivation of the push-to-exit wall buttons, by remote control app or touch display, with DomoticaCRINI you can also use voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google AssistantDomoticaCRINI –  A project that is as creative as it is useful, which can make even the oldest houses modern without investing too much time, effort, and expense!