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Education projects at Maker Faire Rome 2022: between innovation, experimentation and fun

A new and different way to learn: from history to quantum physics, through the design of drones and STEM disciplines

Among the stands of MFR 2022, many projects created by makers, companies and associations, which propose education activities and new ways to learn


Education is a term that, until a few years ago, referred to a rather standardized activity made by a group of people who, inside a classroom, attended a frontal lesson made by one or more experts through presentations and slides.

Thanks to technological innovation and the new digital tools available, the approach to education is changing, opening the door to new, more attractive and stimulating educational methods.

At the same time, education became a key element for any working environment, from retail to manufacturing, from communication to services: a way to stay updated on the latest news and to maximize the benefits offered by new technologies.

That’s why have fun learning is becoming the new mantra of those who do training, both in business and school. Through play and practical experimentation, you can achieve better results, and a faster and more effective training.


Leonardo da Vinci animatronics

A project inspired by a genius lived over 600 years ago, still considered symbol and icon of innovation and creativity: Leonardo da Vinci.

He was painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, inventor, but if we had to summarize in one word who Leonardo da Vinci was, the answer would be: an innovator. He anticipated techniques, thoughts, theories and projects more than any other historical figure. Using new methods and approaches for the time, which see a renewed attention to man by placing him at the center of every discipline, he developed inventions that changed the course of history.

At Maker Faire Rome 2022, Maker Alvaro Passeri, specialized in special effects, presented his project “Leonardo da Vinci Animatronics”: an animatronic capable of talking and telling his own story. Thanks to 23 micro servo-motors, it is able to make 9 different facial expressions and is equipped with 29 additional servo-motors that allow it to move the rest of the body, making the stories of Leonardo da Vinci even more engaging. 


Alice – Between the Mirrors

A project that uses game dynamics to teach notions of quantum physics: a complex scientific discipline, which describes the behavior of matter, radiation and all their interactions.

To achieve this, Alice – Between the Mirrors uses led games in which technology is hidden behind an artistic and natural surface. These games can also be used without immediately learning quantum technology, but they have the double advantage of encouraging people to rebuild these artistic and open-source objects with their own hands.

The project was created by Freie Maker, a community of makers based in Aachen, who wants to make technology accessible to everyone through DIY, Open Source solutions and learning by doing.


Let’s leave the world better than we found it

A project realized by a scouting group that, for over 50 years, proposes and organizes activities for children, always involving them with new challenges and new objectives, including that of leaving to future generations a better world than we found it.

At Maker Faire Rome 2022 the group presented the “Ecosystem in the bottle”: an activity carried out by recycling plastic bottles and using ecological jars and 3D printing. The aim is to observe the nature and its different elements: the lithosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere, the pyrosphere and the biosphere, recreating them inside a bottle.

Another project presented during the event has been the weather station “Lora”: equipped with a solar panel, it records the weather parameters and provides air quality data. Lora is completely open source and can be installed anywhere.


STEMerica by FabLab Zagrebha

A project that aims to promote STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) among children, young people and population in general, with the help of the digital fabrication.

STEMerica also wants to improve the capacity of civil society organisations to implement interactive and innovative workshops and events for the disclosure of STEM activities.

At Maker Faire Rome 2022, visitors were involved in practical experiments on tensegrity, namely the ability of a structure to balance itself, and interactive activities involving the world of STEM and electronics.

The project was realized by Roberto Vdovic, architect, researcher and co-founder of FabLab Zagrebha.


M5Tello for S.T.R.E.A.M. 2.0

M5Tello for S.T.R.E.A.M. 2.0 is a project realized by three makers: Gian Luigi Perrella, Bruno Luziatelli and Carlo Ottaviani for OR-Officine Robotiche.

The project, presented during the tenth edition of Maker Faire Rome, teaches how to program a drone through the use of block codes, in an educational context that allows to learn while having fun and experimenting firsthand. 



Innovation Stories

A project in which innovation is used as a training tool. The intention, in fact, is to promote various educational activities in a digital key, aiming each year to renew the offer, enriching it through the collaborations with important educational institutions, universities and companies.

“Digital Couture” is one of the project exhibited during Maker Faire Rome 2022. It was made with the Fashion Design Course of the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples and led to the creation of a dedicated catalogue. Another project carried out is the one with the schools of the province of Frosinone, aimed at the fruition of art and archeology through digital acquisition and manufacturing techniques.






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