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Eni’s new challenge: Producing sustainable energy from sea waves

The Italian multinational oil and gas company is increasingly at the forefront of circular economy practices, waste reduction, and attention to the environment


In a context like that of Maker Faire 2019, a company such as Eni could not be missing. The huge Italian energy company, represented by the famous six-legged dog, will in fact be present at the Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition 2019, the world-famous innovative technology fair that will take place from 18 to 20 October at the Fiera di Roma.


photo: eni/Instagram


The presence of a company such as Eni, at the Maker Faire 2019, is an excellent opportunity to make known the progress and the projects that the company has directed towards the production of clean energy and the circular economy. Specifically, thanks to its long-standing know-how in the field of energy, Eni is experimenting with various possibilities to produce energy from water aka wave power.


photo: enivideochannel/YouTube


The sea, in fact, is considered by the colossal Italian energy company the largest source of renewable energy. From its waves, according to Eni technicians and its environmental company Syndial, the possibilities are enormous. Thus, in Pavillion 3 at the Maker Faire, the Eni company with its famous six-legged mascot will have 6,458 sq ft (600 sq m) at its disposal where visitors will be able to see and touch four innovative technologies based on the use of water.


photo: eni/Instagram


The project identified as Inertial Sea Wave Energy Converter ISWEC, has three main aspects, namely, PowerBuoy, Place, and Intensified CO2 Biofixation with which Eni intends to transform sea waves into sustainable energy. PowerBuoy is a charging station, that again through water movements, will make offshore activities more efficient, while Place as the first Italian example of the conversion of a platform into an aquaculture system will be demonstrated. And, finally, with biofixation technology, the photosynthesis process will be reproduced to obtain bio-oil through microalgae, sun, and CO2.


photo: pexels


Circular economy, hydroponics, and waste reduction will be the other major current issues addressed in the Eni pavilion at  Maker Faire 2019.


photo: eni/Instagram


The Eni workshops and training sessions will be unique opportunities to discover up close the progress and commitment that has been made in favor of the environment by an industry that is truly a protagonist of innovation.