The future of culture is common

Wednesday 05 October @ 15:30 - Area ex Gazometro - Via Ostiense, 72 - Padiglione 30



The future of culture is common

What does ‘culture’ mean today and what can represent the ‘commonground’ that the cultural industry needs? The session develops and stimulates reasoning on the innovation mindset in the cultural field and the impact it can have on the perceived value of culture and on the choices of use.

What would happen if we began to consider innovation as a common good, and what would it entail to treat culture and cultural production in this light?

These are just some of the many questions that will be explored in this session.

What is innovation, if not a way to keep us together? Together with Italian and international guests, we will discuss of ‘innovation mindset’: how to enable it, nourish it and let it flourish in the cultural industry – for the common good, precisely.




Jeffrey Schnapp, metaLAB @ Harvard

Umberto Croppi, Federculture

Andrea Billi, University La Sapienza

Marzia Aricò, Livework

Florinda Sajeva, FARM Cultural Park

Michael Geithner, Playing History

Louisa Grasso, The Cultural Broker

Angelo Argento, Cultura Italiae

Luca Melchionna, Machineria

The event is co-curated with RO.ME Museum Exhibition     


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