New challenges between resources, sustainability and the market

Tuesday 04 October @ 15:30 - Area ex Gazometro - Via Ostiense, 72 - Padiglione 30


Gazometro Ostiense, pad. 30 (access from via Ostiense 72)

Electronics have made people’s lives easier, smoother and more lively. It has reduced the distances between people and their worlds, has facilitated dialogue and deepening.

The use of electronics today is so much a part of our life that we can hardly imagine what the world would be like without it. Everything from cooking to music uses electronics or components in some way.

We can no longer do without electronics: it is a key industry in the economic and political scenario, and is influencing choices and decisions. The need for “attitude change” is strategic and is urging businesses and governments to act.

In this session, keynotes, in-depth analysis, small round tables, business testimonials and success stories will take you through a journey across the industry and the challenges is currently facing



Roberto Filipelli, Microsoft

Massimo Banzi, Arduino

Silvia Grandi, MITE – Ministry for EcologicalTransition

Daniele Rocchi, PoliMi

Fabrizio Rovati, STMicroelectronics

Mariarosaria Fragasso, ANIE – Confindustria

Lorenzo Beccari, Local Green

Ferdinando Frediani, Move-X

Giulia Di Tomaso, Heremos

Jari Ognibene, Pariter

Gabriele Braga, ANIE Componenti 

The session is co-curated by Arrow

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