Science, Future, Health

Monday 03 October @ 15:30 - Area ex Gazometro - Via Ostiense, 72 - Padiglione 30


Gazometro Ostiense, Pad. 30 (access from from via Ostiense 72)

What will healthcare and health management look like in the future? Conversations, reasoning and visions about the world to come. A session to envision the future scenarios of healthcare. Technologies and new devices, increasingly personalized services, smart solutions aiming at enable successful risk management strategies and at handling of critical issues.

The format is the ‘World Cafè’ one: highly energetic, engaging, will see many speakers on stage, deepening on four different topics:

Health in your home, telemedicine and health technologies

  • Building telemedicine in Italy
  • Technologies for health
  • Costs and models for healthcare personalization
  • Doctor-patient communication and the culture of wellbeing

 The future and technology, new devices and health services

  • Digital therapies
  • New wearable devices
  • 3D printing in medicine
  • Is remote surgery really feasible?

How medical science evolves. Visions, strategies, objectives

  • The One Health vision
  • Precision medicine
  • Technology and new vaccines
  • Decision support program models

The citizen, the user, the patient and the future of care

  • Data set – towards Health Record 2.0
  • The fourth age: growing old happy and healthy
  • Communication as a treatment tool


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