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Clinical Design: how 4.0 technologies can improve surgery

The presentation aims to give an overview of the Medics project starting from the problems encountered, ie the lack of tools to better plan surgery in complex cases, where the reference standard is the study of two-dimensional images of patient anatomy, such as Tac or Magnetic Resonance.
With the aid of 3D reconstructions and anatomical replicas, the surgeon must not interpret the individual 2D images, but visualize the problem, as well as physically interacting with the 3D printed anatomy to simulate the operation. This allows to prepare the operation, the necessary instrumentation and the surgical approach, before operating the patient.
We will show the print of an anatomical replica and show how there are other 4.0 technologies, such as augmented reality, that can be combined with surgery to give doctors technological support during interventions.


Saturday 19 October

From 10.30 am to 11.00 am CET

6.STAGE6 pav. 6


Clinical Design: how 4.0 technologies can improve surgery

Diego Manfrin

Graduated in 2015 in Design and Visual Communication at the Polytechnic of Turin, I have always had a great passion for all the way of technology and for science fiction. Always linked to hobbies such as modeling, painting and "building things", 3D printing has been the natural evolution of this passion. Always fascinated by the medical world, I took the opportunity to merge interests by dedicating myself to the Medics project.

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