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Agriculture and environment: travelling through Italy

Young farmers that revolutionize the agricole sector with a university research that captures images and numbers of the water of our country. In Italy the focus in agriculture and the environment is becoming a relevant topic and many are the projects that are confronting it. Their common ground? Remaining loyal to their country of origin for the creation of innovation.


Saturday 13 October

From 5.15 pm to 6.15 pm CET

Room 6 pav. 6


Agriculture and environment: travelling through Italy

Claudia Laricchia, Antonio Vaccariello, Mariarosaria Lombardi, Daniele Giustozzi, Claudia Carotenuto, Stefano Ruggero, Rossana Torri, Giuseppe Coletti

Claudia Laricchia: Italian Climate Leader and coordinator of the Future Food 4 Climate Change Program
Antonio Vaccariello: DeAgricoltura
Mariarosaria Lombardi: Assistant professor in Commodity Science & Unifg Scientific coordinator of EU HR Strategy 4 Researcher
Daniele Giustozzi e Claudia Carotenuto: "Controcorrente": an on-the-road documentary that's been developed as an environment report. It was born as a journalist and environmental economist's travel who decided to go through their country and get aware of its issues.
Stefano Ruggero: head of one of the 18 G7 simulation projects by MIUR
Rossana Torri: Open Agri
Giuseppe Coletti: Authentico

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