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Open Security Keys... Made in Italy!

Ever wanted to make your own security key? Either the hardware from scratch or just add the functionality to your own device? Well, now you can. Solo is the first open source security key to implement the newest protocol FIDO2 for two-factor authentication or passwordless login, and you can take either its schematics or firmware to make your own.

In this talk we'll share our experiences building Solo and our other open source security keys, covering the motivations, the design, the manufacturing process and our future roadmap. We recently moved production from China to Italy, and we'll describe the hitches we had transitioning to a new manufacturer as well as what we gained in terms of security, trust, breadth of services and even costs.


Saturday 19 October

From 4.45 pm to 5.45 pm CET

8.STAGE8A pav. 8

Open Security Keys... Made in Italy!

Emanuele Cesena

Emanuele Cesena is a Security Engineer at Pinterest focused on product security, and co-founder at SoloKeys where he makes open source hardware for secure authentication. Previously, he was co-founder and CTO at Theneeds (acquired by Shopkick), and a researcher in the security group at the Politecnico di Torino, Italy. Emanuele holds a PhD in Mathematics with a thesis in elliptic curve cryptography. His specialties are secure cloud computing and privacy, and he's passionate about emerging technologies.

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