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OH MY Robots! [robotlab] with "" and "CoderDojo Roma SPQR"

Educational robotics is a simple and practical approach to robotics, robot operation, computer programming and the learning of technical and scientific subjects such as mathematics and physics.
It is a fun method that uses robots to stimulate the curiosity and use of logic in children and young people. In this way they learn to solve problems of increasing difficulty while having fun. Educational robotics replaces tedious lessons with practical and creative exercises that are done with robots.
The aim of the activity is not only to learn how to build or use robots, but also to learn a method of reasoning and experimentation.
It is the simplest, most enjoyable and exciting way to bring young people closer to scientific and technological subjects, to make them digital aware, to easily transmit the principles of programming, and to prepare them for the Robotics era.

The workshop is open to everyone from 7 to 99 years of age. During the activities the participants will discover and programm our educational robots based on Arduino board.


Friday 18 October

From 9.00 am to 7.00 pm CET

KIDS ISLAND 1 pav. 5

Saturday 19 October

From 10.00 am to 7.00 pm CET

KIDS ISLAND 1 pav. 5

Sunday 20 October

From 10.00 am to 7.00 pm CET

KIDS ISLAND 1 pav. 5

OH MY Robots! [robotlab] with

Aldo Pergjergji - - CoderDojo Roma SPQR is a non-profit association that promotes activities aimed at the promotion of entrepreneurship, social innovation and the world of education.

Aldo Pergjergji is an IT Specialist, facilitator, hackathon enthusiast, entrepreneur, startup mentor, trying to be a startups superhero, serial traveller and food lover.
Founded the project, getting young people & students interested in coding and entrepreneurship.
Champion of CoderDojo Rome SPQR and CoderDojo Ferentino, SEW Rome Co-Organizer.

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