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Make your GSM Programmable Remote Control Device

During the workshop participants will assembly and test a GSM remote control device in mounting kit.
Participants will receive the kit including PCB board, components and manual.
Following the teacher's instructions participants will build a useful and working device, they will learn to use a small welder and will be able to understand the function of each component of the board.
At the end the device will be tested and connected to the GSM network.
No previous knowledge or specific skill is required.
The device can be used to send commands via SMS and/or ring and to receive alarms. The microcontroller is already programmed but it is also set up to be reprogrammed by the user.


Saturday 19 October

From 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm CET

5.ROOM5 pav. 5

Make your GSM Programmable Remote Control Device

Gianluca Ciuffreda

Graduated in Electrical Engineering, Gianluca has gained experience in the areas of electrical maintenance and automation in major industrial companies.
Gianluca has a passion for Internet of Things and Home Automation and enjoys to develop projects and build prototypes that anyone can use.

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