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How Space Exploration will change our future?

We’re living at the beginning of a new era for space, the era of space economy, how that will affect our future? To understand it, we have to look back to how space exploration improved our daily lives, from the past of space explorations, Gemini and Apollo program, Voyager, etc. to the future that is prospecting in the next decades with privates like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and so on. This time, however, we have the chance to participate in the first person to this new great adventure, will you be part of this?


Friday 18 October

From 3.30 pm to 4.00 pm CET

3.STAGE3 pav. 3

How Space Exploration will change our future?

Mattia Barbarossa

Mattia Barbarossa is the youngest CEO, CTO and Founder of a space company in the world, just 18 years old. He already won two international competitions, designed a lunar experiment and developed a space business idea awarded by the European Space Agency and thanks to an Italian startup incubator, Management Innovation, a prize of Univesity of Alabama he opened the startup Sidereus Space Dynamics Srl. in February 2019.

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