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Don't limit your mind, touch the VR World.

Our presentation will focus on the immersion of new technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality.
How can you touch a hologram?
How can you interact with a world of bits in Virtual Reality?
With VRPerception it is possible : Don't limit your mind, touch the VR World.


Sunday 20 October

From 2.45 pm to 3.15 pm CET

8.STAGE8A pav. 8

 Don't limit your mind, touch the VR World.

Matteo Piviotti

Matteo Piviotti was born on 08/23/1996 in Turin. After high school he graduated in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering at the Politecnico of Turin, now he is attending a master's degree in embedded system at the same facility.
Since the age of 16 he has also decided to work alongside his studio: from warehouse manager he became a technician in additive manufacturing and from 09/28/2018 to today he is CEO of a young StartUp (A-Book) based at the incubator of the Politecnico of Turin and is the referent of Augmented and Virtual Reality at the Assocam Scuola Camerana.

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