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Aquaponic design

The course will cover the main topics:
Basic aquaponics: plants and fish as protagonists, how it works.
In-depth examination of aquaculture and cultivation: which fish, which plants, what do they need?
Study of materials for cultivation.
The course will continue with a practical laboratory of sowing and transplanting in: coconut fibre, expanded clay, rock wool, volcanic lapillus, perlite.
The course will conclude with the realization of a small prototype plant.


Sunday 20 October

From 11.00 am to 12.30 pm CET

5.ROOM5 pav. 5

Aquaponic design


I am a student of Industrial Product Design, curious about the world and its reasons. I have always imagined aquaponics not only as a system of cultivation above ground, but above all as a possibility to create new ecosystems in the places where man lives and relates.
I am fascinated by craftsmanship, for more than a year I worked as a carpenter and now I try to combine technique with innovation, particularly in the design of aquaponic systems.
I always carry with me my notebook and camera, my inseparable travelling companions.

I am a graduate of Aquaculture, passionate about botany: that's why when I discovered the aquaponica I could not do without it.
I started from a DIY aquaponics plant and I never stopped, experimenting and learning how to improve every aspect of the system, from phytodepuration to ornamental and multitrophic fish farming.
A feature I love about aquaponics? To be able to cultivate in a healthy way both for myself and for the environment!

I am a graduate in Agricultural Science and Technology who has always been attentive to sustainable innovations in food production and distribution systems, capable of generating a positive impact on the environment and society.
I am fascinated by nature and in particular by the phenomena of virtuous and profitable cooperation between organisms, experiences from which I believe man must take an example.
I have experience in various sectors such as catering, agriculture and scientific research. I like to apply the theory of what I study to practice: from the cultivation of micro vegetables, to the use of natural fertilizers made at home.
I love to cook and share food with friends, trying to taste as much as possible new dishes.

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