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Frugal Innovation: Everyone is a Maker in India

India is a Developing Nation and due to this, the Per Capita Income is quite less than compared to Developed Countries around the World. This leads to lower purchasing power. Due to this many people tend to build things for themselves and at a cheap and innovative way. I will be sharing some of the stories about this around India and I will also share my own story in the same context. Money is always a problem for me thus I had always tried making the cost of my projects as cheap as possible. I want to share the stories of my builds where I upcycled a lot of scraps to accommodate the project in the cheapest budget.


Sunday 20 October

From 5.15 pm to 5.45 pm CET

6.STAGE6 pav. 6

Frugal Innovation: Everyone is a Maker in India

Arnab Kumar Das

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