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Advanced Mobile Robotics using ROS

This workshop is about how to use ROS to develop you mobile robot.
ROS is the most used robotic framework and it is totally open source and freeware.

In this workshop you can learn the advanced side of ROS and you will be able to develop a your own totally autonomous mobile robotic application.

Topics of the workshop:
- robot modeling and simulations;
- sensors and actuators;
- navigation stack and planners;
- SLAM algorithms;
- autonomous navigation;
- vision tasks.

Activities are based on "hands on" methodology so you need to bring your computer.
One or more Erwhi Hedgehog robots are used to test workshop topics.

If you are interested, please check this page:
and register to keep in touch and obtain materials needed for workshop.


Saturday 19 October

From 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm CET

7.ROOM7 pav. 7

Advanced Mobile Robotics using ROS

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

I'm a Master Degree automation and robotics engineering student at University of Naples Federico II.
Since I was child my life has been around robotics and I'm an active member in open-source and open-hardware communities through no-profit associations in Naples and Rome.
My biggest project is Erwhi, a small open source and hardware SLAM and ML robot.

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