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Oscilloscope Music and Games with Pure Data

In this workshop we will learn how to view and listen to Oscilloscope Music, how it works, and how to create your own Oscilloscope Music using PureData. Please bring a laptop and headphones to participate.

Oscilloscope Music is music produced in such a way, that when the stereo signal is applied to an Oscilloscope screen, the same signals that are heard create a visual animation.

You can see some examples of Oscilloscope Music created by Jerobeam Fenderson here:

In this workshop, we will cover the following:
- What is Oscilloscope Music?
- How do Oscilloscopes work?
- How do Speakers and Audio Waves work?
- Simulating an Oscilloscope on your laptop
- Creating Oscilloscope Sounds using the PureData visual programming language

No special experience is required for this workshop.
Please bring a laptop and headphones!
If you are using an Operating System other than Windows and Mac OS X, please install "purr-data" before the workshop.


Saturday 19 October

From 1.30 pm to 6.30 pm CET

9.ROOM9 pav. 9

Oscilloscope Music and Games with Pure Data

Sol Bekic

Sol Bekic (*1997) is an Austrian media artist and game designer based in
Cologne, Germany. Currently pursuing a BA in games, he has turned away
from the classic digital game to find more tangible, engaging and
performative formats.
With an interest in computers and technology from a young age, he tries to
capture the nature of his and other’s human-machine relationships. Drawing
from both modern and obsolete technology, he aims not to hide complexity,
but to expose inner-workings to build a connection to the devices surrounding
us. He explores the fringes of technology, interactivity and art as well as
personal conflicts between digital/analog, controlled/improvised, and

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