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Robotics Competitions: why they are needed for Industry 4.0 and how to choose one for our kids

Robotic competitions that are sometimes seen as mere fun while, apart from those designed to give context and promote the sale of certain instruments, others are structured with the future challenges of the future but require creativity and skills to achieve new goals.
In fact, there is a particular line of research born around the concept of benchmarking through competitions (benchmarking by means of competitions). The researchers involved are dedicated to the study and design of innovative robotic competitions, whose tests are real scientific benchmarks. All of this while trying not to lose the "fun" and "passion" modality that all those who participate participate in.
And now let's get down to the concrete: what are we, like oreintarsi, which to choose for our daughter / son?
At the university level the choices are easier as the participants have already undertaken a precise course of study while it can be more difficult for parents with children from 6 to 16 years. This wants to be a brief overview of the competition and the modalities / requests of each as a guide for those who enter this beautiful world.


Sunday 20 October

From 10.30 am to 11.00 am CET

8.STAGE8A pav. 8

Robotics Competitions: why they are needed for Industry 4.0 and how to choose one for our kids

silvia cerioni

Cerioni: founder of the association, after years of study of programming languages, passed to robotics. certified by the Fraunhofer institut in the Roberta project and founder of the first Leis in Brescia. International judge for the following international competitions: Robocup Jr ( as Technical Committee) ,World Robot Olympiad as National Organizer, Partner First Lego league

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