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An Electronic SECOND SKIN for the wireless health monitoring and the generation of Bionic Senses.

Human skin is a natural interface with the outside world that converts tactile stimuli into perceptions and our psycho-physical state in heat and chemical compounds. Imagine extending these capabilities with new miniaturized wireless electronic devices in thin membranes that can interconnect our body directly to the Internet of Things. It is the SECOND SKIN technology that will allow to control epidemics, define personalized medical therapies and improve sports performance. It will be possible to introduce new bionic senses to restore those compromised by diseases and burns but also to extend our perception of the surrounding reality.


Saturday 19 October

From 2.15 pm to 3.15 pm CET

6.STAGE6 pav. 6

An Electronic SECOND SKIN for the wireless health monitoring and the generation of Bionic Senses.

prof. Gaetano MARROCCO

Graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1994, PhD in Electronic Engineering in 1998, he is currently Full Professor of Electromagnetic Fields at the University of Rome Tor Vergata where he is the Director of the Medical Engineering school.
He has carried out research in the field of electromagnetic modeling for applications in Medicine, Space, Aeronautics and Industry. For fifteen years he has been actively involved in wireless technologies for the Internet of Things and in particular the development of new low-impact wireless sensors, based on Radiofrequency Identification technology aimed at monitoring the environment, human health and industrial processes. In recent years it has launched new research in the field of Flexible Electromagnetic Skins, a new technology for acquiring biophysical parameters with very thin sensors to be applied onto the skin. He then experimented with various prototypes in the clinical environments, sports and operational fields for the monitoring the temperature and breathing as well as to restore the sense of touch and generate new bionic senses.
He is the founder and president of the university spinoff RADIO6ENSE, which has been involved in technological development since 2013 for companies in the INDUSTRY 4.0

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