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Precious Plastic the up-cycle of bottles that return to become objects

two machines: the extruder, which is used to transform the plastic into the filaments used then to make objects with the 3D printer,
and the shredder that make the bottle into flakes. So we can heat the plastic, transform it and prepare it for a new forms.
The self-made machines of BacktoB association, allow us to create objects for reusing plastic.
With recycled plastic it will be possible to make accessories, design objects and other products.
Use the two machines is very simple and safe. A real revolution that would allow anyone to do a good action for the Planet.

Promove sustainable lifestyles, starting from the new generations, it's the mission of Riscarti. "Back to the circle, start the circular revolution" Everyone will be the author of his own result in the climate change ' Action.
Each participant will take an object with him.


Saturday 19 October

From 10.00 am to 7.00 pm CET

B5 pav. 3

Precious Plastic the up-cycle of bottles that return to become objects


"RiscARTI is a container of artists and recyclers. Since 2013 in Rome, it is a multidisciplinary and independent festival, 200 artists active collaborations, including Michelangelo Pistoletto with the art work "i temp(l)i cambiano". Ennoble the objects that have exhausted their life cycle and re-present them in an artistic capacity: sculptures, musical instruments, design, installations and real works of art of recycling to communicate the beauty of recycling. Until today 9 countries have participated with more than 200 projectsā€¯

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