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Innovative Apulians: experiences and opportunities in Apulia.

A meeting to talk about opportunities offered by the Apulia Region. Will partecipate representatived of ARTI (Innovation and Technology Agency) and Startups financed by the PIN project.

Luca Langella, Maxi Torau- Agenzia Regionale Tecnologia e Innovazione


Gianluca Zaza - Miracle is a smart mirror able to detect vital parameters such as Heart Rate, Respiration Rate and Oxygen Saturation without any skin contact sensors.
Domenico Argentieri- Iball to Swim consists in a technological service which uses a recreational approach(serious game) and allows ASD children to do activity in the water in complete freedom.
Raffaella Cornacchia - Tintin garden is an outdoor/indoor modular wood frame equipped with a smart cover and an integrated flower pots system monitored by sensors that manages and controls the automated plants irrigation.
Francesco Sisto- ONE, 100% paulownia wood SUP table, designed, produced and manufactured in Puglia, from the combination of modern digital cutting techniques with artisan assembly and modeling.
Lorenza De Giorgi - Drone Space Salento is a space dedicated to the development of multi-engines, education, training and recruitment of young racing drone drivers
Vanessa Coppola - iLon is a high-tech kit designed to make smart any kind of bags and suitcases. It has a battery and 4 functions: Led Light, Wirless Charger, GSM/GPRS and SOS Button.
Nunzio Gianfelice- HER is a Virtual Assistant which solves hosting problems in managing accommodation. It integrates instant messaging channels with Artificial Intelligence to keep in touch Host and guest continuously
Teresa Romano - Augmented reality can be used in a number of creative ways: Pop-AR app is the creative side of AR


Saturday 19 October

From 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm CET

8.STAGE8B pav. 8

Innovative Apulians: experiences and opportunities in Apulia.

Luca Langella- Maxi Torau(Arti Puglia)

The talk will be held by the contacts of the Pin staff who will talk about the measures aimed at young Apulians

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