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Innovative techniques for workers health and safety

The workshop, carried out in collaboration with the University of Naples Federico II, focuses on innovative solutions deriving from the application of virtual and augmented reality to the occupational risk assessment, the training of workers, the identification of solutions for the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases.
Case studies related to the adaptation of work stations for work reintegration will also be illustrated.


Saturday 19 October

From 11.30 am to 1.30 pm CET

8.ROOM8 pav. 8

Innovative techniques for workers health and safety

Dott. Raffaele D'Angelo (INAIL - CONTARP Campania)

He graduated in Industrial Chemistry in 1988. Researcher at Snamprogetti S.p.A. in the Oil&Gas industry (ENI group S. Donato Milanese); researcher in Chemical Industry at Unilever - Lever S.p.A. Division and R& D chief at Manuli Autoadesivi S.p.A.
Since 1994 he holds the position of Chemist professional at CONTARP (Technical Consultancy Risk Assessment and Prevention) at INAIL (National Workers’ Compensation Authority) - Campania Regional directorate. In 1999 he became CONTARP coordinator.
In 1996 he qualified as European Chemist, awarded by European Communities Chemestry Council, since then he is registered in the European Chemists Council.
In 1997-1999 he was scientific advisor ad CNR (National Research Council) at the Mass spectrometry centre (Naples), for the “Determining and characterizing cancer agents in work environments and investigation of interaction with biological macromolecules).
Since 2003 he teaches university courses at University of Naples Federico II (2003-2006 at Industrial chemistry undergraduate course, since 2006 at postgraduate specialization in Occupational Medicine, since 2009 in Prevention techniques for environment and work) and since 2008 at University of Naples Parthenope (Engineering course).
President of Southern Italy Chapter of AIDII (Italian Association of industrial hygienist from 2006 to 2012.
He has authored many publications on the above research topics and is member of the “Quality and support techniques” UNI Commission (Italian Standard Organization) and of “Regional coordination committee” (art. 7 D.L.vo 81/08).

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