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Safety issues in Industry 4.0. Technologies

The workshop deals with some topics influencing design and management of Industry 4.0. In order to be more specific the technologies like smart sensors and cyber-security applications will be treated from their performance characteristics in the safety context.
The speeches titles are:
• Principles of safety related control systems in machinery;
• RFID: general overview and state of the art;
• Cyber-security in industry: how security involves safety.


Saturday 19 October

From 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm CET

8.STAGE8B pav. 8

Safety issues in Industry 4.0. Technologies

Ing. Fabio Pera (INAIL - DIT)

Personal information:
- Date of birth: 28/12/1960
- Education: Degree in Nuclear Engineering (University of Rome “La Sapienza“)
- Nationality: Italian
Position held: Responsible of the Safety Systems Qualification Laboratory in the Innovation Technology Department (DIT) of Inail (Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work) in Rome.
Activity, work experience, skills and competence:

Mr Fabio Pera works for Inail (see above) and has been involved for several years in research, study and experimentation activities for the purposes of prevention, occupational safety and health at work, for the development and dissemination of methodologies, good practices, and procedures, regarding management and assessment of risk. He is specifically involved in the safety of machinery, electrical plant engineering and risk due to the presence of explosive atmospheres. Besides research activity, he also carries out consultancy activities, standardization (at national, european and international level), certification, training, inspection and verification, in the sectors listed above.
As far as the machines are concerned, he deals with safety of woodworking machinery and with functional safety.
In standardization, he is member of European (CEN/TC142) and international (ISO/TC39/ SC4) working groups for the safety of woodworking machinery and, in this sector, he is also the coordinator of the Italian UNI mirror group. As regards functional safety, he is member of ISO/TC199/WG8 "Safe control systems“ and is also member of the" Control devices" working group of ISSA (International Social Security Association), where issues concerning safety are held and international seminars are organized.

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