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The Innovation support services of the Enterprise Europe Network

A support for assessing the capacity of innovation of
your company
The Enterprise Europe Network provides the regional SMEs with support for assessing their capacity in the innovation
management issue through the following services:
• Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs (EIMC)
- Identifying suitable SMEs with high potential, to conduct innovation processes in a more efficient and effective way, for delivering high quality innovation management capacity assessment and support services, and make them able to carry out innovation processes at a high quality level.
• Key Account Management Service (KAM)
- Facilitating the suitable coach’ interactions with H2020’s SME Instrument beneficiaries, in receiving the most appropriate services to underscore the successful and profitable exploitation of their innovation project, particularly through the reduction of the bottlenecks in the creation of economic impact, in order to spread their marketplace, taking advantage from grants received.


Friday 18 October

From 6.15 pm to 6.45 pm CET

3.STAGE3 pav. 3

The Innovation support services of the Enterprise Europe Network

Nicola Fantini

Nicola Fantini graduated in Electronic Electronics Engineering, Industrial Automation, Bioengineering Sub-Address. After graduating, he carried out activities for the "Santa Lucia" IRCCS in Rome, and the RTR Center for Bioengineering in Viareggio, born from the collaboration between the Scuola Superiore S. Anna and INAIL, applying the results of his degree thesis, related to the chaotic analysis of the Surface Electromyographic Signal. He is a lecturer at 2 Universities (IUSM and "La Sapienza") and at a Master's degree in Healthcare Manager training. Since 2010 he has worked at the CNR before at the Institute of Biomedical Technologies (ITB), later at the offices of Cofinanced Training Programs, Development and Management of Building Heritage, Research Enhancement. At CNR's Research Enhancement Structure, through targeted marketing actions, it promotes the research products of the Entity, supporting intellectual property experts with regard to patents, creating opportunities for research groups, companies and investors to meet as well for industrially mature research products that are not protected (or cannot be protected). Since 2015 he has been the Coordinator of the European Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Coordination Network for Lazio and Sardinia: the largest Network for the internationalization and innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises, funded by the European Commission. For the EEN network he is the coordinator of 2 European working groups that are defining the themes of the 2021-2027 programs for SMEs and the transfer of knowledge in synergy with the EASME (Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises of the European Commission) and member of the 2 thematic groups: ScaleUp / StartUp for the definition of new services to be provided to innovative companies in the consolidation phase and the Access2Finance group, through which companies and research spin-offs are channeled towards investors. It coordinates the activities of the members of the Network for the Lazio and Sardinia Regions and their participation in the 17 sectoral groups at EASME (eg Materials, Agribusiness, Environment, Space, ...) whose task is to generate business opportunities for companies and for the meeting between business innovation demand and innovative proposals of Research Institutions.

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