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We live in a city built on itself and we perceive its stratification in an almost unconscious way, so much so that we find it natural that there is a pyramid in the middle of a road. Other traces of our past, though very evident, are instead completely inscrutable and great is the surprise when we understand that what we see next to us, standing at the traffic lights, is not a normal brick wall but a Roman amphitheater (and no, not it is the Flavio that we all call the Colosseum).
ArcheoPop is an archaeological dissemination project born on the Net to bring the men and women of the 21st century closer to the daily life of the ancient people of the Mediterranean. With images and texts of immediate comprehension he describes monuments and objects, tells habits, and highlights what we have in common and still unites us, centuries later, to those peoples who lived "around a sea like frogs around a pond" .


Saturday 19 October

From 12.00 pm to 12.20 pm CET



Astrid D'Eredità

Archaeologist and digital media curator, she creates communication strategies for museums and cultural projects. Lecturer for the Italian editions of the international Facebook projects #SheMeansBusiness and "Vivere Digitale", she edited the book "Archeosocial. Archeology rewrites the web: experiences, strategies and good practices ".

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