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Down to Earth and below: Astronaut training that truly rocks

What does it take to train astronauts to be safe and effective out-of-this-world explorers? Which environments, instructors, topics, methods and technologies are used by ESA to grab a bunch of excellent astronauts, cosmonauts and taikonauts from world leading space agencies and return them better spacefarers? How do you truly prepare humans to explore other worlds?


Sunday 20 October

From 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm CET


Down to Earth and below: Astronaut training that truly rocks

Loredana Bessone

Loredana Bessone creates multidisciplinary courses to prepare explorers to reach their feats as safe and effective teams in risky environments. After a MS in Information Sciences at the University of Torino she moved to CERN for her thesis and then to the ESA Astronaut Centre. She designed Human Mars Missions within the ESA Aurora Technology and Exploration Programme after obtaining a Master in Space System Engineering. That sprouted her interest in team dynamics in extreme environments. Loredana has designed behavioural courses for antarctic overwinter personnel and astronauts, spacewalking training, survival courses, planetary geology courses, and expeditions in caves. She collaborates with world experts to facilitate training for out-of-this world explorers.

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