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When AI meets the economy, who benefits?

How does integrating life hacks relate to big business? IOT and home automation linking with healthtrackers. Let me explain by telling you a story.

AI when used wisely is inciteful. The economy is based on in part, business being productive. Productivity is a by-product of happiness, not a quest in and of itself. B2B. Business leaders, you may not like to hear this but your employees function better when they are happy. It is that pt we are pushing personal development in. Functioning better as a rule, as an ecosystem.


Sunday 20 October

From 4.20 pm to 5.20 pm CET

8.STAGE8A pav. 8

When AI meets the economy, who benefits?

Ben Bacon

Head Creative & Project Owner in the Pursuit of Happiness, for project Integrating Life Hacks for functioning & be-ing better

Product development Consultancy for benefit of Olympic Gold Medal winner and others.
Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of developing in the R&D consumer electronics industry and given talks on Invite of X-Prize Qualcomm Tricorder in L.A. and Boston. National award winning, skilled in Business Planning, Management, Start-ups, and Product Development. 20+years in healthcare, Chiropractic, exercise rehabilitation & orthopaedics. Strong business development professional with latterly courses on entrepreneurial development from MIT.

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