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Field Exploration Robots with ACO algorithm - ACO Robots

Robotics vanguardist has been based its new developments in many different behaviors abstracted from nature, a clear example of this is the collective or cooperative robotics, which aims to design teams of robots with the ability to solve problems operating similarly to a hive, involving dynamic environments with changing conditions for perception. I our project we work three phases, an initial phase where we create a little group of robot to go through a matrix finding the best path until find the food, a second phase where we design a virtual enviroment where we can see how the ACO Algorithm works, in this enviroment we can change many diferent variables and the inteligence there can find the optimal path, and the last phase is the comunication between this enviroment and a phisical robot, when the intelligence in the virtual enviroment learn and choose what is the best path send the information to the robot and the robot can replicate the behavior in a real enviroment.


Saturday 12 December

From 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm CET

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Field Exploration Robots with ACO algorithm - ACO Robots

Leider Ramirez

I am Mechatronics technician and Mechatronics designer, currently I am studyign electronics engineer in the Santiago de Cali university and work as junior programmer in a multinational company. I have been competitor in national and international competitions as WorkSkills and Formula SENA. I have worked on different projects in the field of robotics and my main passion is AI.

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