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Physics with Arduino and Smartphones

We propose a set of resources that are being developed by an international group of physicists, working for important Universities in Europe and in the Americas, to enable teachers to propose the execution of remote experimental activities. Despite the work started independently of the pandemic, due to its huge potential, we find its emergence to be an unprecedented occasion for its introduction, fostering the modernisation and the "democratisation" of experimental science. We present examples of what can be done with digital tools like smartphones and Arduino, how we disseminate knowledge about them and how to get involved.


Sunday 13 December

From 11.30 am to 12.30 pm CET

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Physics with Arduino and Smartphones

Giovanni Organtini (smartphone)

Giovanni Organtini

Giovanni Organtini is professor of physics at Sapienza Università di Roma. After the L3 experiment at LEP (CERN), he joined the CMS collaboration with which the Higgs boson was discovered in 2012. He is currently also a member of the PADME collaboration at Frascati National Laboratories, aiming at detecting possible signals of dark matter. He is the director of the high school for teachers on physics with Arduino and smartphones.

Giovanni Organtini (iPad)

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