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POP UP: conversations about the Present of music with Ensi, Vera Gheno, Tlon

What is the power of words? Does music still have the power to expand the limits of language?

The limits of my language are the limits of my world”, wrote Walter Benjamin: does music still have the power to expand both limits? Probably yes, and it can do so much in the more complex and articulated contents, often of denunciation, conveyed in particular by rap music, so much by the ability to swing the words, to play with the language, discovering unexplored semantic and sound territories.


Friday 11 December

From 7.00 pm to 7.30 pm CET

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POP UP: conversations about the Present of music with Ensi, Vera Gheno, Tlon

Vera Gheno

Vera Gheno is a sociolinguist. He was born in Hungary in 1975. He graduated and graduated in Linguistics at the University of Florence, specializing in computer-mediated communication. He teaches at the University of Florence (Laboratory of written Italian), at the University for Foreigners of Siena (Computer applications for the human sciences) and at Middlebury College, Florence branch (Sociolinguistics). He has collaborated with the Accademia della Crusca since 2000. He is currently a member of the linguistic consultancy editorial staff and manages the Twitter profile of the institution. He has published a book, "Guida pratica all'italiano scritto (senza diventare grammarnazi)" with Franco Cesati Editore.


ENSI, born in 1985, is one of the most important Italian rappers, with a solid musical career and a rapidly growing path in entertainment. Freestyle is what makes him a real icon of the genre and thanks to which he obtains several victories in the most important events such as the Italian freestyle championships, "Tecnich Perfette" (winner in Milan and national finalist in 2003), "2TheBeat" (winner in 2005, and finalist in 2006) and the first edition of "MTV Spit" (winner), broadcast on MTV in 2012. In the same year he performs live with Samuel of Subsonica on the stage of the "MTV Hip Hop Awards" and wins the award as "Best Freestyler". His debut album is “VENDETTA”, which he self-produced in 2008 and which immediately obtained a good success. In 2011 he signed for the Gué Pequeno label "Tanta roba" and released "FREESTYLE ROULETTE MIXTAPE", one of the first entirely freestyle albums. In 2012 he released his second album "ERA TUTTO UN SOGNO", where the collaborations with Raige, Rayden, Gué Pequeno and Salmo stand out. In 2014 he signed with Warner Music Group and released "ROCK STEADY", followed in 2017 by "V", an album dedicated to his son Vincent and which contains "4.20", the song with which he obtained his first Gold Disc. In February 2019 his latest album "CLASH" is released, followed by "CLASH AGAIN", a deluxe reissue of the album with four unreleased tracks, including the hit "Mira" together with the young rap promise Madame. The versatility of ENSI is also evident from the numerous extra musical activities in which it takes part: as a radio host on Radio Deejay of the program "One Two One Two", together with Emis Killa, as narrator of the film "Numero Zero - Alle Origini del Rap italiano"; from actor in the film "Zeta", directed by Cosimo Alemà, in which he plays himself, to commentator for Tim Vision of the 2019 edition of the Sanremo Festival. In spring 2018 he became the official speaker and artistic director of TRX Radio together with Clementino, Fabri Fibra, Guè Pequeno, Marracash and Salmo.

Maura Gancitano

Andrea Colamedici and Maura Gancitano, philosophers and writers, are the creators of Tlon, school of philosophy, publishing house and theater bookshop. They wrote together You are not God (2016), Lessons of Wonder (2017), The Society of Performance (2018) and Get Rid of the Good Girl (Harper Collins 2019). For Audible they lead the podcasts Scuola di Filosofie and Audible Club (first Italian audiobook club), and are the creators of the Festa della Filosofia and the online marathon Take it with Philosophy.

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