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4link4 design & digital fabrication

The web meeting will focus on the themes of design, digital fabrication and project culture as engines of innovation for Made in Italy
A critical meeting to understand together how design managed to be a hinge between craftsmanship and digital manufacturing and which cultural limits still today are an obstacle to a rebirth of Italian creativity on frontier issues. The meeting is aimed at students, professionals and companies interested in understanding which drivers of innovation will be indispensable for the future of the Made in Italy sector


Friday 11 December

From 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm CET

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4link4 design & digital fabrication

Roberta Truono

Carla Langella

Architect, PhD in Architectural Technology. Associate Professor in the ICAR / 13 sector (Industrial Design) at the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design (DADI) of the University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli" where she teaches "Bio-innovation Design" and "Design for Scientific Visualization" in the course Master's Degree in Design for Innovation and “Laboratory of Industrial Design 3” in the three-year Degree Course in “Design and Communication”. She also teaches "Product and Communication Design Laboratory 1" at the Master's Degree Course in "Product Design and Visual Communication" at the IUAV University of Venice. Since 2006 she has founded and still coordinates the Hybrid Design Lab, a research and training laboratory whose goal is to investigate the mutual intersections between design and science, with particular interest in biosciences, such as biology, biomechanics, biomaterials, neuroscience, and synthetic biology. She has written numerous monographs, articles in international journals and contributions to books on the relationship between design and science, on the design of matter and on biomimicry. Among the books New material landscapes. Design and technology of materials (Alinea Editrice, 2003), Hybrid design. Designing between technology and nature (FRANCOANGELI, 2007), Design & self-organization. Experimental paths of intersection between Design and Science (Marchese Editore, 2012), Design Intersections. Intermediate design thinking (Franco Angeli, 2012), Design for Visualization of Science (Digimag, 2019).

Viktor Malakuczi

Viktor Malakuczi is a Researcher (RTDa) at Sapienza University of Rome. The leitmotif of its activities is the contamination of Design with digital know-how, investigating the consequent evolution of design at different levels, from the intangible project to the digitally enhanced artifact up to digital manufacturing. The main research area is related to digital manufacturing and industry 4.0, investigating the consequent evolution of planning, material culture and new values, with particular interest in computational and customizable design; with this theme, he recently published a book entitled “Computational by Design”.

Giuseppe Mincolelli

Architect and designer, scholar of the forms of language, inventor and designer in sectors ranging from Design for Innovation to Product Design. Specializing in user-centered and inclusive design, he has designed and manufactured hundreds of products for the electronics, computer, telecommunications, professional equipment and renewable energy industries. Associate Professor of Design at the Department of Architecture of the University of Ferrara, of which he is Coordinator of the Master of Science in Innovation Design. Numerous patents, publications and awards in Italy and abroad.

Amleto Picerno Ceraso

Founder of Medaarch, Architect professor of Computational Design at Federico II in Naples. He taught Data Driven Design in the master in Emerging Technologies at the National Institute of Architecture. He founded the Mediterranean FabLab, the first fablab in Southern Italy, in 2012 and BIOlogic, the first Bio Fablab, in 2018. He was director of the Laboratory of Design and Research in Advanced Manufacturing of Città della Scienza. His works have been awarded internationally, as visionary and innovative projects

Max Romero

Associate Professor in Design at the IUAV University of Venice. Contract professor at the Department of Design of the Politecnico di Milano since 2011. He holds a Masters in Ergonomics and a PhD from the Milan Polytechnic. He was Senior Scientist in human computer interaction at the Fraunhofer Institute. He has published more than 60 works internationally, including books, chapters, essays and conference papers. He has been a speaker at conferences and teacher of workshops related to design in various countries around the world

Claudio Gambardella

Claudio Gambardella, architect and designer, is associate professor of Industrial Design at the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design (DADI) of the University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli (UNICAMPANIA), former Second University of Naples (SUN) and has obtained the qualification as Professor of Band I, in the first round of the National Scientific Qualification 2019. He is delegate of the Director for Internationalization Policies of the Department. He is also an affiliate professor at the School of Design of the East China Normal University in Shanghai, the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Özyeğin University in Istanbul and the Department of Architecture of Istanbul Gelişim University. He has been working for years on two main lines of research: the first of these concerns a new concept of ENTERPRISE MUSEUMS to differentiate them from other types of museums. He has directed a specific series dedicated to the subject for Alinea. His first publication in 2005 entitled THE REGIONAL MUSEUM SYSTEM OF DESIGN AND APPLIED ARTS and its 2008 English edition, OFFICIAMUSEUM. THE REGIONAL MUSEUM SYSTEM OF DESIGN AND APPLIED ARTS, reported in the ADI DESIGN INDEX 2009; since 2016, he has directed the series "THE 3RD INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. Future and memory of Design" for ALTRALINEA EDIZIONI; is the author of the preliminary project of the TEMPORARY MUSEUM OF ENTERPRISE of the Campania product of excellence, in Pompeii, on the basis of an agreement stipulated between the SUN and the Municipality of Pompeii, covering the role of "scientific manager" and artistic director of the work , currently under construction. He was also scientific coordinator of the Intensive Program / LLP Erasmus "Summer School in designing of company museum systems in Euro-Mediterranean area", a project of SUN, in partnership with OKAN ÜNİVERSİTESİ of Istanbul and FACHHOCHSCHULE KÖLN, approved in 2013 by 'National Institute of Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research (INDIRE) of the MIUR. The other line of research concerns the enhancement of that design that manages to dialogue with the best forms of local craftsmanship for the development of what Gambardella defines as "Handmade in Italy", that is, a design strongly anchored to local diversity, present in the country, and that can compete with what is left of a now globalized Made in Italy. He is also national coordinator of the ADI "Handmade in Italy" Thematic Commission since 2017.

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