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The winners of the "Top of the PID" Award: new 4.0 products and services for the restart of businesses

Come and meet the winning companies of "Top of the PID - Re-start" award. Discover their innovative projects based on the use of 4.0 technologies to help businesses, people and civil society in the new production scenario, created by the spread of Covid-19. Tools to promote sustainability, trade, the economic restart of businesses without forgetting health .... all in a 4.0 key.


Friday 11 December

From 5.00 pm to 6.15 pm CET

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The winners of the

Fausto Villani - TBOXCHAIN Srl

Alessio Bottos - EMALAB Srl

Laura Celentano - Dintec

Vincenzo Ciccarese - ONE HEALTH VISION Srl

William Del Negro - WILLEASY Srl

Niccolò Briante - D.HEART Srl

Marcello Favalli - SIWEGO Srl

Giuseppe Lo Parrino - DBWAY Srls

Tiziana Tronci - GEFOND Srl


Maurizio Izzo - SICREA Srl

Salvatore Iiritano - REVELIS Srl

Alessio Misuri - Dintec

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